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Player Information
Name: Kacey
Age: 31
Contact: [plurk.com profile] seraphjewel or seraphjewel@gmail.com
Characters already in Medietas: Adam Monroe
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=596623#cmt596623

Character Basics
Character name: Perseus "Percy" Jackson
Character Journal: [personal profile] waterproofed
Canon: Percy Jackson & The Olympians (specifically Trials of Apollo)
Canon Point: end of The Hidden Oracle
Age: 17 I'm pretty sure
Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/1796212/1214067

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Percy has black hair with a streak of grey from when he held up the sky, and green eyes. Blue is his favorite color so he would be most commonly seen wearing it. He also has the letters “SPQR” tattooed on his arm and wears a necklace of clay beads.
History: Wiki page!

Personality: Percy is a very friendly and easy-going person. He can usually make friends with just about anybody, though he tends to gravitate toward the “underdog” crowd-- the ones who are mocked, picked on or overlooked. This is probably because he felt like an outsider growing up, being forced to change schools every year, so he tends to like other outsiders and stands up to defend them. He's also intensely brave and impulsive, usually running into danger before thinking. Instead of allowing all the hardships of his life to weigh him down, he's taken a more humorous look at his situation. He chooses to be sarcastic and wry in the face of danger. He’s grown more mature as he’s gotten older but still makes sarcastic comments now and then. Which isn't to say that he doesn't take things seriously or experience down moments. He realizes that his is a dangerous world and takes every loss very seriously. For example, he carried the guilt of Bianca’s death very heavily on him, as he promised Nico he would watch out for her but failed. It was only after she assured him it wasn’t his fault that he was able to move on.

Percy has never really cared about being popular. Grover is hardly one of the “cool kids” and yet Percy became his best friend. Before he found out they were brothers Percy also stood up for Tyson, who despite his size was a crybaby and timid. Initially Percy was embarrassed once he did discover Tyson was his brother, but they grew close again and when it looked like he lost the big guy Percy was very upset. Percy also ended up in what was considered the “underdog” legion with Hazel and Frank, and although Percy didn’t initially like being stuck there, he made the best of it and even won the mock battle with their help. Percy is used to being the unpopular one even in the world of demigods: Neptune is feared in the Roman world and he wasn’t initially trusted because of it.

Percy's fatal flaw is personal loyalty, which means he will do anything in order to save a friend. Kronos has used this flaw in the past to manipulate Percy: first by kidnapping Percy’s mother, then by putting Grover in danger and later trapping Annabeth under the sky. Percy loves his friends and family dearly, and seeing them in danger hurts him. He hates the constant worry his life brings to his mother. This is something he’s even more sensitive about after Hera/Juno erased his memory. He makes a big effort to stay away from the fighting for the sake of his family. Being betrayed by a friend was almost impossible for him to get over but in the end he did see a spark of goodness in Luke, even trusting him to do the right thing and send Kronos back to Tartarus. Percy’s shown a willingness to reach out to people, like when he offered friendship to Evan Nakamura despite the boy being on the enemy side. He even extends this loyalty to monsters, risking his life to protect the harpies from Phineas and ending up befriending Ella. To Percy it doesn’t matter if he’s helping a human, a monster or a god; if he sees any creature in need, he will do all he can to help. However, this personal loyalty isn’t always a good thing. It was once said that Percy would sacrifice the world in order to save a friend.

Being a leader is something that happened as a result of Percy’s bravery and loyalty rather than anything he sought out himself. In fact, he made a comment to Annabeth that if he were running the world it would be a disaster. Yet he’s shown that he is good at organizing people, knowing their strengths and utilizing them in battle. He isn’t proud, and so is willing to accept help when it comes to him. Admittedly it’s harder for him to accept help from the gods, but again he knows his limits and grudgingly asks when he has no other choice. It did annoy him when the Ares cabin refused to fight because of an argument they had with Apollo’s cabin, but when they finally did show up he was happy to see them. Percy’s time spent in Camp Jupiter taught him more about working as a unit, and that the differences between Greek and Roman didn’t mean they couldn’t cooperate. In fact, seeing the adult demigods in Camp Jupiter inspired him, giving him a dream of life with Annabeth attending college and having kids. Percy has a special way of getting people and creatures to follow him. Although he didn’t do much to help rescue Blackjack, the black Pegasus pledged his loyalty and called Percy “boss” despite the boy’s protests. Creatures of the ocean also depend on him for help whenever they need it. Being called on can aggravate and annoy him but he always responds anyway.

And although it’s true Percy didn’t initially seek out leadership, he also showed resentment when he was given a back seat to quests. He felt he had a right to go seek Grover and was annoyed when Clarisse was chosen instead. It was only after he saw how much pressure she was under from her father that he realized how important the quest was, and even suggested she take back the Golden Fleece. After Thalia was revived the two fought because they were both natural leaders, and since Thalia was more experienced people turned to her rather than Percy. This was something else Camp Jupiter helped with, as the Romans focused more on the legion working as a whole rather than the individual fighter. So when he meets Jason they get along despite them both being leaders, and even strike up a “bromance” between them.

His attitude toward the gods is one of grudging respect. He does not shy away from standing against them when he feels they're wrong, and never hesitates in pointing out their flaws. He's at odds with some gods more than others. Ares and Dionysus, for example, get under Percy's skin a lot. Ares bothers him because of the god’s attitude, and his own powerful effect on a person’s aggressive emotions. With Dionysus, Percy gets annoyed with the god’s lack of concern for anyone else. Percy doesn't get to see his father often and often feels intimidated in the god's presence. But he also longs for acknowledgment and praise from his father. Over the years Percy learned how being neglected or forgotten can lead to disaster, so he is especially careful to acknowledge the lesser known gods. Hestia is the one he sees as most important, enough for him to entrust to her the hope that was trapped in Pandora's box. He doesn't always agree with the gods but they are his family and he will still fight for them.

Like all other demigods, Percy suffers from ADHD. This makes his battle reflexes stronger and makes him more alert to the unusual of the world. However, he does get easily distracted and finds it difficult to concentrate or pay attention. He often needs to have someone like Annabeth explain things to him. On top of that he is the son of the sea god, which means he is restless and finds it even harder to stay in one place. Percy doesn't like being confined or restricted. At its worst, this manifests as claustrophobia. As a kid he had recurring nightmares of being in a straitjacket. His phobia became most apparent when he was pulled down into the earth and almost suffocated, and later when he was nearly drowned in a trap. Percy is happiest when he is out in the open water. He draws energy from the sea and can always think clearer when near it.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Hydrokinesis. Percy is able to control water. He has, in the past, created: hurricanes, waves, air pockets large enough to cover himself and Annabeth, water spouts, and so forth. Salt water also revives him if he is weak, and he is able to breathe underwater and able to keep himself dry around water.

Connection to sea creatures. Though he is unable to understand them, they do seem to understand him. They obey him when he commands them, and even creatures like sharks act gentle around him.

Telekinetic control of boats. Being the son of the sea god, Percy is able to control boats just with his mind. He works best with old sailing vessels, like The Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Telepathic communication with equestrians. Poseidon created horses, thus Percy has a good connection with all equestrians. He has been able to understand not only horses, but also zebras, pegasi and hippocampi. They call him “lord”; the only horses that don’t seem to instantly respect him are the man-eating horses he meets.

Clairvoyant dreams. As a demigod, Percy is often assaulted by clairvoyant dreams. In other words, his dreams allow him to see things that he wouldn’t otherwise know about. Sometimes they transport him to other places and allow him to eavesdrop on conversations. When something big is stirring, his dreams come more frequently.

Human GPS at sea. Not only is Percy able to control water and move ships, but he is also able to detect his exact coordinates whenever he is at sea.

High resistance to burning. Likely due to protection from his godly father, Percy’s body can resist burns. Though he is unable to be completely immune to it like Leo.

Physical strength and battle prowess. Percy is hard-wired to be a warrior because he is a demigod. He is physically stronger than regular mortals and can heal from wounds faster, especially with the help of ambrosia and nectar. What doesn’t come to him naturally he has learned through training with both the Greek and Roman camps. He is most adept at the sword.

He can also read ancient Greek and understands some Latin.
AU/CR AU Addendum: n/a

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? Riptide, the Celestial bronze sword he carries that disguises itself as a pen when not in use. It is only harmful to monsters but he'll want it anyway. A shield his brother Tyson made for him, disguised as a watch when not in use. Again, I can't really think of anything else he would want.

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Third Person: http://paradisalogs.dreamwidth.org/168542.html?thread=8539998#cmt8539998

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Lake, of course!


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